Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I finished Jill's baby quilt today. My freelance work has kinda died down this  week so i finally had some dedicated time to sew. I had a lot of fun with this quilt and I kinda am going to be sad to see it go!  Whahhaahh!!!

I used a Central Park charm pack for the centers, some Jay McCarroll, Tina Givens, some Joanne crap, and scraps from my stash.
 I love the brown with the dots- It's the SOFTEST fabric i have ever used- It's called Toy Poodle by Kinkame. LOVE IT.

Check out all the other colors it comes in:

I also had a lot of fun with the back. 

My absolute favorite part of quilting is the binding! It feels so good to be in the final stretch!

The little cat faces kill me.

I will post pictures later on from the baby shower.


  1. This looks really fantastic! I love all the fabrics you combined. They work so well together!

  2. aww thank you!!!! i love the central park!

  3. This turned out great! The colors are really fun - perfect for a baby quilt.

  4. I love it! All those fabrics work so well together - it's really a gorgeous quilt. Love that Toy Poodle fabric too (the name is great - LOL!)

  5. Great job Mon! It's beautiful.