Wednesday, May 25, 2011

‎"Can you screen share what's going on in your head please?"

I had no idea that i could possibly be so damn busy being unemployed.
 Every day for the last 6 months have been completely packed full. The day I got laid off- I honestly thought, 'wow, i'm going to have so much time now!' and my days have just been so busy I feel i haven't had any 'down time' at all.

i'm not bragging- or complaining - i'm just amazed at how it's been the complete opposite of how i imagined.  The being completely broke part is exactly how I imagined it.

I have watched a lot of TV since i lost my job, which is not my usual thing, but when i am watching TV i am always doing something else at the same time. (like sewing! or ironing! or cleaning!)  i got to watch the royal wedding like 4 or 5 times. i also really enjoy watching the 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 6 pm news all in a row.  thing's you never get to do when you have a job.

in quilting news, I gave my quilt to Jill over the weekend.

 She liked it a lot and the baby shower was so nice.
isn't she so darn cute? 

Short girls rule!

Thank you Karina, if you are reading this, for the blog title. I am making you a quilt for your wall, just tell me what colors! I also think your idea of making a "print" of the Jill quilt is a neat idea! I am going to look into that. or even a painting/drawing of a quilt. i dunno. i'm going to work on that.
Me and Karina at the awesome Lykke Li show. Being short was not so fun at a concert!

Grimes opened for Lykke Li, and now she is my new favorite band.  I am sure James is happy that I am not listing to "Yolanda be cool" anymore.


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