Sunday, June 12, 2011

one crazy summer

i haven't been sewing nearly was much I would like to, but only because I just recently got a new job! I have been looking for 6 months now, and i finally found something. The commute is very far, so it seriously cuts into my personal time. I'm sad that i don't have as much time to sew now, but I'll just have to organize myself better to squeeze more time in at night and on weekends.

Currently I am finishing up a custom quilt commission. I have all the rows done, and i am dying to take some pictures, but part of the deal was that she wanted to be surprised.

She bought about half the fabric and told me to buy the rest, so i guess she kinda knows what half of it will look like!

 It's a very personal quilt and it reflects her and her husband's personalities mixed together.
They both have different tastes, but both love hand-made quilts - so that was the easy part!

During their consultation, they gave me about 10 different themes they wanted incorporated into the quilt. It's been such a challenge - but definitely the kind i like!

I won't be able to sew much this week, on top of working full time, I am also taking a night class 2x's a week from 6-10pm in addition to volunteering monday nights at the PetSmart..

 Since i was unemployed, I started to volunteer just once a night at the PetSmart, helping out with the orphan cats.  It was great when i had no job- but now with work and school- i hope i can keep it going.

And of course it didn't take long for me to bring one home!
He's really tiny- and really old.
he's as big as my shoe- (i'm a size 8)

I'd say he's about 100 years old.

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  1. Awww... he's so adorable. lol - you have a tiny kitn like your email!! And congrats on your new job - that's awesome. I feel your pain on the commute, I used to do 1.5 hrs each way and it's really hard. Hopefully you can find some way to enjoy the time! Looking forward to seeing your commission quilt.