Monday, April 2, 2012

Quilt Fest 2012: 2 days of non-stop quilting!

I had some reeeeeally nice DST this weekend! "dedicated sewing time". ( and I was so DTS)

It was a fun retreat with the great gals from The Little Shop.

I almost didn't make it this year due to my insane amount of kidney stones.

I passed about 6 on my right side this past Oct/Nov...  and then they kinda stopped. I got new X-rays in January and they found 4 new buddies all huddled together in my LEFT kidney.

So i have been waiting for them to fall, and they started this week. Promptly Sunday night after dinner, and it went ALLLLLLLLLLL week.... non-stop insane PAIN for 4 days.
Here is an old photo of the one i PASSED on the right! what a little bugger at 6mm!

Thursday they at least knew I had a big sewing trip to go to they they stopped moving and i was able to go to my event mostly pain free!

I got there late Friday and then the fun began!

I got to work on this one quilt that had been stuck in my head forever. 

mini gentle curves

Then i moved on block 2  of  my Lollypops quilt. 
I was channeling my inner Pat and Bobbi.

Debbie is working on the Kim McLean quilt Flower Garden 

This is just ONE of the 4 borders. It's just amazing. i just love it.

The grand finale of Saturday night was Cindy finishing her amazing feathered log cabin. Creams, golds, and super rich dark purples.

I was piecing with some blue lame that Kay just gave me, and listing to my Cure.