Friday, August 10, 2012

QuiltCon Logo Block Challenge

QuiltCon is coming! QuiltCon is coming!

QuiltCon happens February 21st – 24th, 2013

I am HOPING on going to TX if all my stars align.. I plan to submit a few quilts, and I also participated in their Logo Block Challenge.

The judges will select a few blocks to be made into one large quilt that will be auctioned, and then the remaining submissions will be sent to Modern Guilds to sew into charity quilts. How cool!!!

The blocks have to be 12.5 tall and as long or short as you want. And be based on the QuiltCon logo colors. I made 2.

my 1st block sketched on some mail..

Then I drew a larger version with more detail

sewing some blue together...

"auditioning" some pieces


My 2nd block, I did less triangles... and less colors

I actually thought about sewing them together when i was done..

but i didn't..

After I sent these off in the mail, i moved on to my Lollipops...

I hope everyone is enjoying their Summer!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Quilt Fest 2012: 2 days of non-stop quilting!

I had some reeeeeally nice DST this weekend! "dedicated sewing time". ( and I was so DTS)

It was a fun retreat with the great gals from The Little Shop.

I almost didn't make it this year due to my insane amount of kidney stones.

I passed about 6 on my right side this past Oct/Nov...  and then they kinda stopped. I got new X-rays in January and they found 4 new buddies all huddled together in my LEFT kidney.

So i have been waiting for them to fall, and they started this week. Promptly Sunday night after dinner, and it went ALLLLLLLLLLL week.... non-stop insane PAIN for 4 days.
Here is an old photo of the one i PASSED on the right! what a little bugger at 6mm!

Thursday they at least knew I had a big sewing trip to go to they they stopped moving and i was able to go to my event mostly pain free!

I got there late Friday and then the fun began!

I got to work on this one quilt that had been stuck in my head forever. 

mini gentle curves

Then i moved on block 2  of  my Lollypops quilt. 
I was channeling my inner Pat and Bobbi.

Debbie is working on the Kim McLean quilt Flower Garden 

This is just ONE of the 4 borders. It's just amazing. i just love it.

The grand finale of Saturday night was Cindy finishing her amazing feathered log cabin. Creams, golds, and super rich dark purples.

I was piecing with some blue lame that Kay just gave me, and listing to my Cure. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

seal fur

I took a visit to my parents house, and I found this hanging in the back bedroom. I completely forgot about this painting. I think i finished this the summer between 7th and 8th grade. So I was about 14. I used a lot of white paint in the fur. I still love the look on the momma's face.

Monday, March 19, 2012

it's just another photo update...

March 2012.
9 yards in... 

I made a little pin cushion

The square part is filled with walnut shells, and the green strawberry is filled with emery.