Sunday, August 28, 2011

sewing in the rain

Irene hit pretty hard- so I tried to sew as much as i could before the lights went out. They were saying on the news we could be without power for 7-10 days..

My neighbors tree sadly bit the dust.
We were very lucky to not have any damage and the power stayed on.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

That Farmers Wife (She's pretty crafty!!!)

I just started my first Farmer's Wife. I randomly picked Block 17 because i thought it looked easy... and of course, i liked the name. [Cats and Mice]

Right out of the gate and I already messed up...

Well i don't have too much time to go into it, but it was CHALLENGING to say the least. Definitely got my attention.

I learned a LOT. I thought it though be a great quilt to do in vintage scraps. I think that might be a terrible idea.

I had good intentions

I am going to re-think this whole thing. I think if I am going to put all this time, I should really just buy some coordinating  quilt weight fabrics, so the whole think won't look like complete VOMIT like my first block.

The farmer's puke


Nothing is lost- this is my test block... I can allow myself that.

Here are some pretty pictures to try and end on a good note.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

good times

Summer is my favorite season, and i swear i get so SO depressed as soon as Aug 1st hits. I actually get sad on the 4th of July, then depressed in August, and it's all down hill from there. I think they call that Seasonal Depression...

The folks at the cat shelter just asked me to design a poster for the next fundraiser. They need to raise money to help pay for very expensive eye drops for the cats when they get infections. So the shelter just sent me over 20 pictures with of cats with bleeding eyes!!  Fantastic!

In sewing news, I was very behind in a wedding quilt i was commissioned for back in April, for a May 28th wedding.  I thought I could finished it in time, and then I was a few weeks behind, and then June 6th I started a new job, so I only had weekends to work on it.

I felt soooooo bad, but the couple, Heather and Aaron were SO understanding, and happy for me to start my job, they were cool about it.

This was a UNIQUE project for me, it was the Bride's idea to have a wedding quilt made that reflected both her and her husbands' personalities. They wanted this to to be passed down to their children and grand children. So they gave me a list of about 10-15 different things the quilt should include. (Cats, cherries, jewelry, trees, Hello Kitty, music, Disney, Jean Harlow, state birds, cupcakes and polka dots!!) She even included some clothing from her Great Aunt, so it was all very meaningful to them. :-)

My favorite part was adding a large applique "N" for their last name. (and all the Hello Kitty stuff of course!)

The happy couple and he back of the quilt.
Thank you again Heather and Arron! Especially for all your understanding and support. Congrats on your wedding and you guys rock! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Friday, August 5, 2011


i still can't believe my block was picked...   wow! (Thank you Jay! and thank you to PMQG!)
There's a lot going on- So i will update my blog SOON!   this weekend!  i promise.