Sunday, August 14, 2011

That Farmers Wife (She's pretty crafty!!!)

I just started my first Farmer's Wife. I randomly picked Block 17 because i thought it looked easy... and of course, i liked the name. [Cats and Mice]

Right out of the gate and I already messed up...

Well i don't have too much time to go into it, but it was CHALLENGING to say the least. Definitely got my attention.

I learned a LOT. I thought it though be a great quilt to do in vintage scraps. I think that might be a terrible idea.

I had good intentions

I am going to re-think this whole thing. I think if I am going to put all this time, I should really just buy some coordinating  quilt weight fabrics, so the whole think won't look like complete VOMIT like my first block.

The farmer's puke


Nothing is lost- this is my test block... I can allow myself that.

Here are some pretty pictures to try and end on a good note.


  1. You thought it looked easy? oh you poor poor thing. That one gave me fits! I think you should continue with your scrappiness - it'll all work out in the end!

  2. ha! thanks candi- wow- i had a rude quilt awakening last night! I think I will try Attic Windows next.... I broke down and bought a FQ bundle l of AMH's new line LOULOU.

    Before that that comes in, I'll make a few more "practice" blocks...
    I was disappointed in the book. i thought it was going to be farmer's wives talking about QUILTING. not milking cows. :-(