Friday, April 15, 2011

not all baby quilts are created equal!

I have Donald Trump Hair.

I'm really excited that my childhood friend, Jill, is having a baby girl soon. She said she really likes a "pink and brown combo" - so i went out and bought all this...

I'm not feeling these fabrics at all....   Bleh.

I spent almost $70 on fabric that doesn't match. :-(  fail!

So I put together this:

so it looks like It's not going to be all pink...  I found some more brown, gray and orange.
if my sick cat cooperates, i will hopefully be going out for a nice afternoon sewing  with the quilt guild. :-D

Jill i love you!


  1. Monica - tell your brother to go to Nippori Textile Town for you!

  2. i was JUST thinking about you! i was day-dreaming that i had a lot of money so we could all go on a 'Quilting in Japan' trip for a week!

    I will ask my brother if he will go shopping for me- and he'll grab a bundle of fabric for you too!

  3. Hey Monica- Glad I found your blog. Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? You comment on my quilt and asked the size. I believe it's about 50x40. It's actually from Alex Anderson's Baby Quilt book!!
    It was great to see you yesterday, sorry we didnt' get more chance to chat. Hopefully I'll see you Tuesday?

  4. Thanks Becky! what does a "no-reply" blogger mean? how can i change that?

  5. i thought that if i am signed in under my user name on blogger- you should be able to see my blog my email address?