Friday, January 4, 2013

Fabric Rant

What was that you just said?
“prewash your fabric”
I am sorry, I just can’t hear you
“prewash your fabric”
Sorry, let me just turn the tv down
“prewash your fabric”

Look, I still can’t hear you, let me go and wash these blocks, then I will come closer and you can tell me what you just said

POOP !!!

Sorry- I just had to reblog this one post i found on

it breaks my heart when ever i hear anyone who starts a new a quilt and does NOT pre-wash....   

I quilting teacher once told me during a class- 

"You don't need to pre-wash fabric, good quality fabric won't bleed. And why would you waste all that time washing drying and ironing?"

Pre washing not only eliminates the worry of colors bleeding into each other- no matter HOW good the cotton is..  

All cotton has a about 2-4% amount of shrinkage after you wash and dry it. And who has time to hand wash a queen size quilt in cold water and drip dry? I would still be afraid of some color bleed..

Washing gives you an even playing field. I wash ALL my fabric that will go into any quilt that will eventually need to be washed at least once.
I don't care what it is, it's gets washed on warm and dried on high.
This way when i cut a 3" square from that fabric, i know when it gets washed it will not bleed or shrink at all.

If the quilt is something funky that will just hang on a wall... then fine don't pre wash. That would be stupid to wash it then..



  1. I pre washed my pre cuts and they dissapeared, dont recommend it at all.

  2. Oh i so agree! you can gently hand wash them and then air dry- but they will get eaten up buy your washer dryer, :-(
    I had some nice vintage scraps, but they had a smell to them so i just swished them around in a bucket and air dried them in the sun. I think that could work for fat quarters, but i wouldn't recommend washing a jelly roll!