Saturday, January 19, 2013

cleaning up

Haven't spent much time in here at all for a few months.. 6. God that's half a year... i can't believe it. All my crafty projects have been sitting dormant. I want to clean everything up and get things all freshly organized! try and get my mojo back. Still have a few more boxes of fabric to go though (4). 

My Comic book cards came in today, (i bought them used- so it's great to recycle!) so i started making up some nice mini-bolts. Takes some time, but does save a lot of space.

really need a better ironing/cutting space. I have a small table that I am looking into converting. just need to figure out where that's gonna go.

I hate Blogger. I can't really lay out a page in a nice manner...  the alignment never works.. any advice on where to move this blog to would be a great help. 

Trying to learn wordpress.... I like Blogger,  it's easy/accessible (iphone, email), but this page layout stinks.
My first blog I did in Dreamweaver. That was 12 years ago.. ha! That was fun, cuz I did EVERYTHING in photoshop, and just made hot-spots for all my links.. waaaaaaay more creative than this. 

so I'm not cursing here anymore, because my mom now reads my blog. :-/  Hi Mom! :-D
like that will last..

Mini bolts! - wrapped on acid-free comic book cards.
This is what i got done tonight.. so I can't wait to get to the rest of my stash.

He's giving me "That Jordash Look"
my furry angel

waiting to be made into neat bundles of fabric joy.

my latest faves! Jay McCarroll and zig zags! love love love!
can't wait to finish this!
nice sewing machine lady.
in my granny flannel


  1. YAY! Glad you are back and working on getting your sewing mojo back! Hope to see you at the sewing day saturday. :)

  2. yay! Thank You! it does feel like there is some hope out there... I'll see you Saturday!!!!!!!