Monday, January 9, 2012

Hoppy new year

Happy January!
I am excited for what the new year brings! I am hoping lotsa FABRIC and lotsa QUILTS!

My personal new years resolution is to lose 50lbs. Eat less and move more! 

you know it's scary when i already kinda look like this lady- so now is the time to really make some changes!

My Quilting resolution is to enter some decent quilting competitions. I always want to enter them, but by the time i find out about them, it's too late to enter. So this year I am going to try and get on the ball and find out early. But I need to make some quilts first!

There is a tristate show i just read about and the dead line is in 20 days... I'm not sure if I can make that one.... I have a top that is kinda started... so if it makes it great!  if not- i can save it for the next one.

i got a basket of vintage buttons from my friend Kay for Christmas!
yeah i know, i left my blade open... what.

I've been kinda sick more than not for the past 3 months, so I've been in bed a lot. So what better a project to start than Hexies! I sew them in bed, on the couch and bring them with me to my doctor appointments. 

I started them before, but I did them the cheap ass way- I tried to cut out my own papers. When I went to sew them all together nothing matched up. if one or two are just a LITTE bit off...  they don't really fit. So i learned the hard way and now I buy my papers here.  Yeah, I need like 2,000 more to make a quilt... but it's a start. :-D

me hugging Pooja New Years Day 2012


  1. What a great looking workspace you have! Good luck with all the new years resolutions ~ looking forward to seeing what you do with those hexies!

  2. I'm crazed with hexies too. I find I can re-use one 4 or 5 times before it wears out. I take them out once the piece is surrounded. When they get too floppy I iron them and they get nice and crisp again. Hope you bring yours to a meeting one of these days!