Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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I can't believe it's almost December...  I love my new job so far. I am woking on a huge software manual for a CT scanner, and the instructions direct the user to "the pink coffee cone filter icon".

November brought me so many crazy things!
1. Tonsillitis
2. 600 kidney stones (and counting...)
3. quit my new job
4. started a new new job
5. Olive was in the hospital for 3 days
6. lost my grand dad - RIP Dziadzi

You can see the top 6 are SUPER Stressy  - So #7 was sooooo awesome- and so badly needed.


I was sick as hell- but on some super antibiotics, so Dr. said I was not contagious, so i hoped in the car and off I went with my super quilting pals from Philly!!!!

We went to SEVEN glorious quilt shops.

http://fallfabricfrenzy.com -- Check out the prizes!
The trip was superbly planned by Andrew- and he really made it all possible by driving us all around. I have been waaaaaanting to go on a Shop Hop - but have never really had the cash. :-(

It would be a waste of time and gas for me if I could not shop and buy fabric. The sad thing was - that it was only from like 10am-5pm. We wanted to hit all the stores, but we had to keep it to about 20-30 min for each store. You need to hit each store if you want to win the new sewing machine!

So i am saving up my pennies for the next one!  and I heard there is a NJ Hop soon- So hope I can have another amazing trip!

Here are some photos of all my loot!
Blue batiks for my Lollipop quilt - yeah i need to finish it now that i spent all that money!



some fq's and some hand dyed wool felt

I am super into gold metallic fabric right now  

some new books we took in the car - i fell in love with them both!
on my wish list!

Please message me if you would like to go on the next shop hop!

.....And this is the HUGE STONE I passed
6mm x 4mm  Insane.

I am still kinda sick. Now my hubby is sick. :-( Everyone- please get better!


  1. Holy Moly woman! You've had one heck of a month! Glad you're feeling better and that is one awesome stack of fabric!

  2. Thanks Candi! Are you feeling any better yet? You NEED to shop hop with us next time... So . Much . Fabric..... :-D

  3. Happy to hear you got to do a shopping trip after all that! I've had kidney stones before ~ and just seeing the size of the ONE you showed makes me want to cry. I really hope you feel better soon!