Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My new iron is so hot....

It's so big. and so beautiful. I don' name most of my appliances, but this one gives me reason to.... 1800 watts...  i just love it.


Here is a little barkcloth pincushion I made for our PMQG swap.

The little "strawberry" is filled with crushed walnut shells to help sharpen your needles.

Traditionally I think you should use emery dust, but I keep forgetting to buy the damn emery...
Emery is your friend!

And this is the pincushion I received in the swap. it's simply AMAZING. I just love it. and if anyone remembers who made this- please tell me!!!

This measures 2.75" square! Shot cotton, simply elegant.

And at quilt guild Jessica brought in a bunch of gorgeous quilts...  all of which you can see in her new book, "Modern Mix"

Quilting is so much like painting.....  You can stare at quilt books and magazines (and quilt blogs!) all you like, but is nothing compared to seeing them in real life. I am so happy to get these special opportunities.

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  1. wow, that is one snazzy iron! awesome. And was it Anna who made your pincushion? I forget, there were two pineapple shot cotton pin cushions!